The practice of our faith

The viewing-entering prayer helps us to get into a deeper connection with God. This is the essence of the Christian religion. Not the doctrine, not the morals, or the cult, and not even the care of our fellowmen, but the personal, intimate affection contact with God. Two things indicate how intimate this contact is: how much you are happy and how much you can love your fellowmen.
We try to adore ourselves with the creatures’ use instead of adoring God in his creation.

Our mission begins with the baptism, but it may prevail in our everyday life only when we become capable to conscious affection. From this point God’s presence is depending on our intention.

We can search for God trully, if we preserve the peace only if we avoid the collision and competition with others. If we put the judgement, the rejection and the heavy burdens of the criticism, we will be open minded for God.

The prayer helps to experience identifying us with God.

You try to empathize yourself into the story under the praying, you are a character, too, the main actor. You try to observe the happening with all of your sense. You see the site, you are watching the plot, you hear the noises, the sounds, Jesus word, you feel the fragrances, the flavours, you feel it for you important objects, Jesus dresses, his hand. You imagine an intimater contact with Jesus.

You receive the text of the Bible as Jesus would address it right to you. You watch that what kind of feeling he says it with, and what he wants to achieve in you. And you are watching your own feelings, whit which you receive his words. Tell this to him immidiatelly. This is your answer for his word.

You have to pay attention to God! He is a teacher. He shares emotional experiencing.

What a scriptural word mean to you which is selected by you? For what kind did you recognise Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit from this word? You have to let him to affect you, to warm up you!

According to my faith, I can love here, the Earth, if I experience the love of God. This forms me similar to Him, this is the road of perfection. I am transformed in such a way that I look at Jesus, I absorb it as the parent plays his child, as the lovers assimilate to each other.

We try to express our existence, our actions, our fellowman contacts in identifying with God in the course of our spiritual practices.
The common prayers are help to us with this, and to teach our child faith and love also important.