Church services and ceremonies

The body, the soul, and the ghost’s unit creates the inner peace, the harmony, which lead us back to Heaven.
That man is really able to love who found God’s country by way of the affection.

Our church’s most important service is the verb advertising not just inside the church’s walls, but on different
areas of services.


We designate the aim of our church service and our ceremonies for Jesus’s example, between two extremes:
one the ceremonial formalism, which provides a big role for the ceremonies, and all of the religious life the
ceremonies (holinesses) marks it in its practice;
the other one though based on the principle of the rational thinking, a more modern value Christian faith practice.
We declare that the ceremony is necessary standing between the two extremes, but the ceremony is not a single or
exclusive tool for the salvation.

The ceremonies are not use to broadcast the divine mercy and the salvation connected to this mechanically, as we
say it terminologically: not opus operatum kind.
The ceremonies are not channels, through which mechanically mediates God’s strength of mercy, but as our catechism says: they are warning about our duties,
by the way of Jesus’s examples, and egg us to follow and practice of the good actions that he made.

We are on the point of view that is called value Christianity.

In our free Christian thought system we keep the man’s intellectual and character alteration in view.
Jesus wanted this. Lived because of this, was a teacher, flamed and died for setting up an example being effective until today for us because of this,
how it is necessary to accomplish the superb ideals of our human nature, to ennoble, or with an other word, to turn into a man.

The ceremonies do not bring this improvement ready, but they help this with its achievement only. The ceremony there may not be an aim, merely device,
road towards the aim. It is never allowed to exchange the device for the aim though.

Primary and deciding task bringing up the people to be the pupil, and after the fulfilment of this task, than the exterior expression of this may come next
the ceremony. First so the upbringing, and the ceremony may come after it, which depicts a ghost moral process, but it does not substitute the upbringing.

The human consciousness worth nothing without ethicoreligious transformation.

So the ceremony is an educator device, a road through Jesus towards the perfectness, towards God, towards his country. Its aim to express, to tend, to increase,
to create, to build the believer pupils in the man.

To affect the sense, the heart and the will, to work the development of the Christian personality in the man by way of faith and by way of a sense.
To remind of Jesus, to warn our duties, which are laid down in the Gospel, to encourage our master’s following.


The paryer, with which the soul quenches his thirst, is living water. The paryer is spiritual breathing. We inhale
Holy Spirit when we are praying.
Like this all church prayer are the Holy Spirit’s breathing, spiritual air together with the light, spiritual
fire, spiritual food and spiritual clothing.

When you pray to the Lord, look into your soul with your heart’s eye: the Lord is there, in your thoughts, in your heart, and everywhere.
The Verb is close to you, it is in your mouth and your heart, not just only in the sky and in the underworld.

God is justice, so my prayer and my life must be truth.
God is light, I heve to offer my prayer from the light of the soul and heart.
God is fire, my paryer and my life have to be flaming.
God is free, so I have to speak freely in my prayer with God.
It is a richness for the human soul. I may reach to being united with God by the way of prayer, and God will stay with me.

The pray is an expression of our personal contact and experience with God. The people need a prayer that expresses his specific faith experience.
Since this experience is individual, the prayer should be more or less individual too, so it should be free.
We, the members if Light and Affection free Catholic Church believe in the faithful prayer.

We do not insist on the classic prayer forms stiffly. The structural procession of our prayers tries to delegate the road of the psychological
expression of a faith experience. We are try to express the congregation’s spiritual state, sense of need, and its longing to God.
We do not speak about sin, the poor health in our statements, but we speak about the opportunity of the amelioration.
The mood of our prayers positive, constructor and optimistic. We turn to God like the child turns to a father.

The object of our requests is not the desire, or an object of a sense of need, but personal abilities, with which we may achieve
the object of our wish. We are praying for each other, our family, for our church, our homeland and the world’s peace.
The prayer books provide help in our individual prayer.

We come to you, oh Great God, our pray lead to us!
You created the land and sky with your power.
Because you let us live, and gave us all good,
Our thankful prays goes to you up to the sky. Amen.

Our morning prayers

1. The night has gone, the sun is up, God I bless you.
You were with me, guarded me, around me with your might.
If you stay with me, you give me power to my work.

2. Good Lord I wake up, you guarded above me,
Thank you for keeping me, and for keep vigil,
Take care of me with your hand, do not let me go,
Hold everybody, who loves you, oh please hear my request. Amen.

3. I pray to you, Great God, Good Father,
You guarded me in the shady night,
Lead your saint hand your child today,
Not to mistake your true path! Amen.

4. Our Good God, Sweet Father, take care of us today, too. Amen.

5. Father, watch over me, do not let me in trouble. Amen

6. My good god, gratitude for you and thanks for guarded me at night.
As a bird awakes with its cheerful song, I welcome you with a thankful prayer. Amen.

7. Who kept watching over us last night,
Protect us today from every bad, our God, Good Father. Amen.

Prayers before meal

1. Be Jesus Christ our guest, bless what you gave to us. Amen.

2. Our God, Holy Father, look down to us,
Please bless our food, and give a good appetite to us. Amen.

3. Jesus Christ, who you give food to us, ordain and bless our food.
And bless who obtain our bread our kind parents. Amen.

Prayers for parents, grandparents

1. Oh, my God my creator, hear my prayer, stand it with everything good, my father, my mother.
Help them, Father, to raise me up, to let me be worthy to your goodness. Amen.

2. I clasp my hand in prayer, and I pray to you. Oh, hear my prayer,keep my father, my mother. Amen.

3. Love me, my Good God, keep my parents for me.
Protect our family, and bless all of us. Amen.

4. I am little, I study to pray, I fall to the stool of your feet.
There are so many feelings in my tiny heart, oh, listen to me my Good God.
I ask you to bless and protect my parents in my prayer.
There will not be a trouble on their faces, if you want, keep your holy hand above them.
Let our house be the holy house of peacefulness, a countryman blessed with goods, with spiritual goods,
Little shelter, but there may be a meeting house, keeping recalling your holy name on our lips. Amen.

5. My Good God. I love my grandfather and grandmother very much.
Bless them with everything good, my sweet Good God. Amen.

6. Where faith is there is love, where love is there is peace, where peace is, there is blessing,
where blessing is, there is God, where God is, there is no need there. Amen.

Prayers before Bible class

1. My heavenly good Father, the Father of light, your hand manage the road of the day wisely.
Smooth, manage the road of my soul, sprinkle the starlight of your wisdom onto it. Amen.

Evening paryer

1. Oh God, I already closed my eyes, but yours are still open, keep watching over me until I sleep.
Please take care of my parents and my loved ones, when the sun is up, we can kiss each other in the morning. Amen

2. I’m tired, I calm down, I close my sleepy eye.
Please, my sweet good Father, take care of me.

3. Your affection my celestial father, protect on the night.
Keep your holy hand above us in order to allow us to rest in peace. Amen.

4. There is evening already, I regain a rest, I ask a quiet, sweet dream from you.
Good night to my father, my mother, glory for the Lord of the sky and land. Amen.

5. I giving gratitude when I’m go to sleep, if I had a mistake, apology for that. Amen

6. My guardian God, be with me while I sleep, to avoid grief and trouble, and freshen my body and soul. Amen.

Prayes after meal

1. Bless his name who gave food and drink. Amen.

2. You gave us drink and food, gratitude for that Dear God. Amen.

3. You gave food, drink to us, you do not leave your child my Good God, I give gratitude for your goodness. Amen.

Prayers when we are going to church

I go to your holy house, my saint Church,
Be my God here with me, confirm my weak faith. Amen.

Prayers when we leave the church

Gratitude for you our God, we may have risen to you,
We may have been being built by your law, lead our soul to good, onto affection our heart,
Onto good work our life. Amen.

I was praying to you Good God, do not leave me ever.
I go home nicely already now, oh, lend an ear to my request. Amen.

Before school

1. Our Father, our Good God, be with us at work today, too. Amen.

2. Our Father, give your blessing to us in order to fill your day well,
Give help to us to learn much good and beautiful things. Amen.

After school

1. We bless you our Good God, now when we go home,
We cultivated our heart, our soul because we made our work well.
For what we learn, be noticed on us at home,
Onto our good parents’ joy, the glory of your holy name. Amen.

2. Our Good God, our Father, you looked for us. We give gratitude for your goodness,
and we promise that we stay good. Amen.