Free Christian creed


     The Christian faith means trust in God.

1. The religious faith means that God loves you.
There are a lot of wobbliness in the world. Who believes in God stands on his foot firmly.

2. The religious faith means also that I accept the truths of the faith.
I pay attention to the word of the person who I trust. I trust in God, and I believe that he wants good to me.
I pay attention to his message and I accept the truths, which he teaches to us in the church.

3. The Credo summarize the truths of our religious faith.
The Credo: paryer
The christians not only speak from God, but talk to God. Without prayer our faith would weaken and would run out.
The Credo: teaching. It summarizes all that what is the church’s faith.

Our faith’s levels:
1. I believe in God (means: there is a God)
2. I believe in God (means: I believe that he speaks)
3. I believe in God (means: I believe that his love embraces, and I trust myself to it)

I discover God in the world. I admire the mountains, the rivers, the nature. Somebody made this.

I discover God in myself. I looked at myself always like a miracle. I am glad that my parents found each other.
I know: I was born from their amorous love. I desire affection, happiness. My heart is full of endeavour for the
beautiful and the good.
I am able to love, to think. I am a miracle really. But somebody planted all this into me.

There is a creator if there is a creation. I believe in the fact that there is somebody, who formed the Cosmos,
the universe, and created
the man. God is not visible, but I recognise his traces in the world surrounding me and my own life.
I believe in God.
Because he spoke to the people.

God’s message is written down in the Bible. Two of the capital parts of the Bible: Old Testament and the New
The Ten Commandments summarize God’s will in the Old Testament, and shows to the people the road of the happy
The New Testament contains Jesus’s life and his teaching.

What is God’s message? The essence of the message: God loves everybody.

I accept God’s message. I say a yes to God’s affection. I know: I am his. I build my life upon his word because
what he says is
certainly true. I need his teaching in order to be happy. The foolish man builds his house upon sand.
The building stands for a while, but the house collapses if the flood comes, or if the wind is blowing.
The clever man builds his house upon a rock.

I believe that God calls me everyday. God not only created the man. He not only spoke to the man once. God speaks
and with us today.
Calls us on our names, and carries us on his palm.
Make realise the steps of my faith. – I do not stop the first one, neither at the second step.
I accept that God exists. I discover his affection in his messages. I speak to him in my paryer, too. I entrust my
life to God.
I know: God wants good to me. I want to live the right way because of this.

One God – Holy Trinity

To be up against the polytheism before many thousand years ago, we know from the Bible that there is only one God.
The Jew and the Christian religion
are the most famous monotheistic religions on the world.
But when we make the sign of the cross, we put three fingers together. It means: The Father of the Son and the
Holy Spirit.
This is the secret of the Holy Trinity.
The Holy Trinity is a unit, a perfect affection community. We may never understand this perfectly because God
always remain a secret for the people.
God tells a lot of thing about himself, but we may never know him totally. The trifurcate candle springs from a
stem in our churches, but has three light.
One, but at the same time three. It symbolizes the secret of the Trinity.

I believe in Father

God’s name. We know a big leader, a prophet from Old Testament: Moses. Moses saw a burning briar at the desert.
The briar flamed, but did not burn.
Moses went near, and heard a sound: Take your sandal off because the place is holy where you stand.
A god spoke to Moses. He announced his name. HE IS JAHVE. Jahve means in Hungarian: He who there is, he who there
is with you.
God is eternal. God’s name maybe sounds strange at first hearing: Who there is with you is who there is. Actually,
this name is very
expressive. Everything and everyone exist because of a reason, only God who there is by himself. Was not born and
nobody created it. He is caught from eternity and becomes eternal.
Everything has an end. Only God is eternal. This eternal god speaks to the people. He is not only being, not only
lives merely gladly, but: with us yes.
Looks for and loves people.
God is almighty. This means that he can do everything. Which he wants, accomplishes everything in Heaven and on
the Earth, too.
God stands over the Earth. God is entirely somebody else, which we can imagine.

The creator of heaven and land

God created the sky and the land at the time of beginning. These are the first words of the Bible. God told: so be
it, and it was.
He created the light, the waters and the mainland, the stars, the plants and the animals. He created the man
And God saw that all which he formed, is good. He made the man for his own picture and his similarity.
This means it, that: the man stands above the rest of the creatures. The man is the crown of the creation. In the
world the most valuable one. Body and soul.
Has a sense and free will. His desire for God is written into his heart. The divine goodness attracts it, but may
opt for the bad one. God entrusted the world to the man.

The life is God’s gift. We live the right way if we know: we are creatures. Because of this: Gratitude fills our
heart for God.
We respect like a god’s images: each other. We like the nature and heal the wounds of the land. We also believe in
the creator of
invisible and visible things. The angels are God’s invisible creatures.

I believe in Jesus Christ – Jesus Christ is the Lord

Jesus. The longest part of the Credo talks about the person who we know the best. About the second divine person,
the boy.
The son of God became a man. Because of this we tell the most important informations about Jesus in the Credo. We
talk about his birth,
suffering, teaching, death, and resurrection. After that we say that he returned to his Father, and we wait for
his second coming.

God promised to the people that his envoy will come to them. People waited for him very much, and they called him
Messiah in Jewis
language, and Christ in Greek language. The long waited envoy was the Jesus of Nazareth. Thats why his name is
Jesus Christ. The word
christ means anointed.

Jesus Christ is the Lord. At first, Jesus’s followers believed that Jesus is Lord. The word lord does not mean a
polite address or
a rich man here. It means that Jesus is the Lord of everything. God visited his folk in Jesus.

He became a man

God selected a young nazarethien girl to be Jesus’s mother. An archangel, named Gabriel was sent to her. Virgin
Mary said a yes to God’s plan.
Jesus’s life started under Mary’s heart from the strength of the Holy Spirit.

Christmas. Augustus an emperor ordered a census. Mary had to go into Betlehem together with his husband, Joseph.
Jesus was born here.
The kings’ king, the world’s saviour came into the world in a cave stable.

Jesus first visitors were plain shepherds. An angelic apparition informed them about it: the lord, Christ were
born! – the characters of the
first Christmas the Oriental wise men. Their gift brought to Jesus is symbolical. Gold is brought to the king,
incense for the god’s
son, myrrh for the suffering servant.

Jesus was teaching. How is God look like?

Jesus started the teaching when he was 30 years old. He was a teacher in such a way that everybody should
understand it.

He said examples and stories often. It was said about him: A man did not speak before like him, because whate he
said forced the
people to think, and touched their heart, too.

Who is God? the lord answered a question with the prodigal son’s parable, the moral of which: The god of the
affection is God.
Releases and waits at home. We become mendicant if we withdraw from him. We are at home only with him.

Jesus taught us to pray: the paryer is an intimate talk, we can turn to God with confidence. – Jesus called the
father in his paryer: Abba. Onto Hungarian is heavy to translate this expression, the Lord Jesus on his mother
tongue this word is
the father most beautiful, entirely intimate address.

When Jesus started to teach, he asked pupils around him. He selected twelve of them, and called them apostles, as
his envoys.
From them the Gospel mentions Peter, Jacob, and John often.

What does Jesus teach to us? That way, how the man should live: according to the head command the principal law of
the man’s life
is the affection. Sounds so: Love your lord, your god from your full heart, your full soul, your full mind and
from all fortresses,
and love your fellow-man, as yourself.

Jesus was a healer

The messiah’s coming means according to God’s promise: God’s country, God’s rule were here. It is the sign of that
heals his patients.

We may read often on the sheets of the Gospels that Lord Jesus heals. He gives back the health to those who turn
to him with faith.

His power and his affection healed blind, lame, deaf, and lepers. We may not only be ill bodily, but psychically.
Jesus sees it and heals
the person who is sad, who is puzzled, or regrets the sins.

There are illness, suffering and death in everybody’s life, and these are heavy to tolerate. Jesus curative
miracles means that
the suffering ends once: God wipes all tears.

The rejection of God’s affection ruins the people’s life. When we commit a sin, when we do not obey to God’s
command, we recede
away from God. Jesus shows us that how can we escape from the sin.

Jesus forgives – and the converting sinner makes a fresh start. Jesus forgives his enemies. –He was praying so
when they crucified the
Lord Jesus on the Golgotha: Father, forgive them because they do not know, what they done.

The paternoster is our most beautiful paryer. We learned it from the Lord Jesus. We apologise for our sins in
this. We promise to forgive
those who offend against us.

Virgin Mary, the Lord Jesus’s mother, our patron saint

Mary, the nazarethien girl. – Virgin Mary lived in a little village, Nazareth. Joseph was her fiance name, and he
was a carpenter.
An archangel, Gabriel told her that she will be the messiah’s mother. Did not understand it at first, how this may
She said a yes to God’s plan however.

Mary, Jesus’s mother. – When Jesus was 30 years old, he left the his family’s house, and started to teaching. His
mother followed him
with tender love. She stayed with painful heart under Jesus’s cross on Good Friday.

The Lord Jesus took care of his mother: he entrusted her to John, an apostle. Virgin Mary was the mother of all

Jesus Christ is God’s Son. Because of this his mother, Virgin Mary called to God parent by the church.
We surround her with special respect. We find holidays for her, and we ask her help in our prayers.

Virgin Mary especially kind for the hungarian folk: we call her as our “Boldogasszony Anya”, since Saint Stephen
recommended our homeland
to her a thousand years ago. – The Hungarian Greek Catholics respect Virgin Mary, too.
The god parent (her icon) shed a tear three times in a church in Máriapócs. More than ten thousand people is
praying together in the pócsi farewells annually today.

Jesus was crucified

The last dinner. – Jesus ate with his pupils at last on Holy Thursday. This happened in Jerusalem. Took the bread
in his hand under a dinner and said: Take it, eat it, this is my body. Took the chalice then and said: Drink this
all, this is my blood. Finally called upon the pupils: Do this onto my memory!

Jézus was captured. – all of them went to the Olive Hill after the dinner. Jesus was praying often here. Judas,
the betrayer leaded the bailiffs there, who captured Jesus. Peter an apostle denied his master in his fear.

Jesus’s death. – Pilatus, the governor did not find Jesus guilty. He had it whipped after all, conveyed him to the
folk though then. Jesus was leaded out onto Golgota, and he was crucified there. A captain driving the execution
when Jézus died on the cross, and the soldier said: He was God’s son really!

He resurrected on the third day

The empty grave. – Jesus died on Good Friday. Women went to his grave in the morning on Sunday. They deliberated
on it, who rolls away the rock from the door of the grave. But the stone was rolling away. They found the grave
empty. They got frightened very much. The apostles did not understand it initially, what happened.

Meetings with the resurrected Jesus. – The resurrected Jesus appeared to his followers from Eastern Sunday from
fourty days. He appeared to Peter, Jakab, Mariah Magdolna, to the apostles, and simultaneously to about five
hundred men. He joined his pupils, who went to Emmaus. He had a conversation with Peter, who made his threefold
denial good with a threefold affection statement.

The Easter icons. – What kind of our pictures depicting the Easter event? What are the Easter icons like?
There are pictures on which we see Christ stepping out from the grave. Christ is in the middle on the icons, but
he grabs Adam’s hand, and lifts him up. It means that he picks him out of death. The icon emphasizes that Jesus
trampled the death, and presented life to everybody with his resurrection.

Jesus Christ: man and God

Real man: an infant was just like that, than any of the other children. He was in need of his mother’s care as an
infant. He obeyed his parents as a child. He worked on a young person as a carpenter.

When he walked a lot when he was a teacher, he got tired, than everybody else, he got hungry and got thirsty. Was
shocked and shed a tear at the time of his friend’s death. He suffered when they tormented it.

This happens with all of us.

The Lord Jesus: man, one from among us. Jesus Christ real god: he more than man. Lord above the nature, lord above
the illness and the death. His miracles show it: He not only man, but god. Jesus largest miracle is his own
resurrection. He overcame the death by his divine strength. Because of this declare: Jesus Christ real man and
real god.

He went up to the Heaven

Jesus says goodbye. – Forty days after Easter Jesus said to his pupils: Go, be a teacher! Lead the folk to faith.
Gave a promise: I am all day with you until the world’s end.

Jesus goes into the heaven. – I am with you… these were Jesus last words. His pupils did not see him longer. The
evangelists write it: separated from them and went into the heaven. I mean: Jesus returned to the Father.

The secret of Jesus ascension. – Jesus returned to the Father. The road opens to God for mankind. – Jesus Christ
is our matzo. The matzo means: transition. Christ is our transition. He revived, we are resurrected so. He went to
the Father, we may go so. As we sing it on the night of Easter: From the death onto the life, Jesus Christ carried
us over into the sky from the land.

And will return with glory

Christ’s second coming. – Lord Christ said that he will come again. His glorious second coming may come in any
moments. But he also said: we have not got to know when will he come. Nobody knows that day and that clock – the
saviour emphasized it repeatedly.

Jesus comes to judge. – His says this to those who loved their fellow-men in their life: Come, and take your
country which is prepared for you. Because I was starving and you feed me, I thirsted and you gave drink to me, I
was a traveler and I was admitted, I was ill and you visited.

He will say to those who didn’t loved their fellow-men: Get away from me. Because I was starving, and you did not
feed me, I was thirsted, and you did not gave drink to me, I was a travelerel, but I was not admitted, I was ill,
but you never visited.

Stay up! – This is in the Gospel, and it means: we have to live in such a way that we should be ready in any
moments to stand in front of Christ’s tribunal. Until then we have to live righteously, we have to work, and love
each other.

His country will not be over

God’s country = God’s rules. There are no borders in this country. God’s country and God’s rule is happening
actually. It comes true where the people are live together in affection: God’s rule is between us.

Similar… – Jesus Christ said similes about his country. His words were always about that God’s country means
joy, peace, calmness, heart-richness, and fulfillment. God’s country is similar for the fisher to full net, the
treasure found in land for the agricultural one, for the dealer to pearl, for the hungry man to a royal feast.

His country will not be over – Those who loves God and his fellow-man, builds up a god’s country, a god’s rule.
God’s definitive and eternal rule comes true with Christ’s second coming. This rule, this country will never be

I believe in the Holy Spirit

It is the holiday of the good news. – We meet with the Holy Spirit in the beginning of the Gospel already. The
strength of the Holy Spirit shade Virgin Mary, and conceives Jesus Christ, the God’s son.

Epiphany. – Jesus is baptized in Jordan River. The Holy Spirit appeared above him as a pigeon, and the Father’s
said: This my beloved Son…

Whitsun. – The Holy Spirit fell onto the apostles on Whitsun, fifty days after Easter. There was a wind, and
flametongues appeared above the apostles’ head. They started advertising Jesus’ gospel with the strength of the

The living Soul

Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the third party of the Holy Trinity, a real God together with the
Father and the Boy. The Holy Spirit was fell onto the apostles on the day of Whitsun.
The Holy Spirit vital, living Soul:

The Holy Spirit is similar to the water. – Ad, maintains, enriches the life.

The Holy Spirit is similar to the fire – fell onto the apostles in the shape of fiery tongues at the time of
Whitsun. The fire lights, warming up and ignites. The Holy Spirit elucidates our mind, warms up our heart, stirs
up our enthusiasm.

The Holy Spirit is similar to the wind. – bluster indicated that the Holy Spirit fell at the time of Whitsun. The
wind is a mysterious something; we do not see it, we perceive its effect only. The Lord Jesus said: the wind blows
there, where it wants. The Holy Spirit works mysteriously, too: it is starts us to the good unseenly, and spreads
its gift.

I believe in the Holy Church

The Church: God’s folk.

Nobody is an island. We are belong together, and we form a community: we live in a family, we belong to a school,
workplace community, we are a village’s or a city’s inhabitants, Hungary is our homeland, we live together on the
Earth. The Church is a community of God’s folk.

The people did not find out the church, but the Lord Jesus founded it. Jesus Christ is the Holy Church’s head
himself. The believers are the church’s members, who form a community in faith and affection.

The Church’s attributes: one, saint, Catholic and apostolic

The Church is one. – The God is one. One the lord, Jesus Christ, who founded the Church, one the Holy Spirit, who
keeps the church alive.

The Church is saint. – Saint, because Jesus Christ gave himself for it in order to sanctify it. The church’s
members have to strive for becoming holy. The holinesses help us in this. The holinesses, which are seeable signs,
which bind us to Jesus in an invisible manner. These are: baptism, confirmation, Eucharistia, the holiness of
penitence, a marriage, patients, church order.

The Church is Catholic. – the “catholic” is a greek word, it means: universal. The message of the Gospel is
universal, it is addressing to everybody. The Church’s mission is to preach the good news to all of the men of all

The Church is apostolic. – Lord Jesus elected the apostles, and entrusted them with the church’s leadership. The
Church built on the apostles. The apostles’ successors are the bishops, and the bishops’ colleagues are the
priests. The pope is the Church’s cardinal bishop.

I believe the eternal life

The death is not a terminal. – Who is born will die once. This is the life’s order. Jesus resurrection opened a
road for us however to the heavenly Father. The death is an incomplete destruction. Our life continues in the

To salvate everybody… – God’s will that to everybody find salvation, and get to know the truth. It means: let
them into the Heaven. Jesus said that in the last dinner: There are a lot of space in my Father’s house. I go away
in order to prepare place for you.

The Heaven: share in God’s life. – We read it in the Bible: eye don’t see, ear don’t hear, human heart don’t
realize what God prepared for those wo loved him. The Heaven, in other words the Salvation is eternal happy life
with God.

The loss of the aim: the damnation

The salvation can be lost – the Lord Jesus got the salvation for everybody, which is the gift of the eternal life.
Opened a road for us to the heavenly Father. This gospel is his joyful message. It is possible to lose this gift
however. God wants our salvation, but he do not force anybody to it.

The damnation: losing the aim of our life. – The aim of our life is that to love each other and God, and get to
the eternal life. Who rejects God’s affection, losts their aim. Exclude themself from God’s community and get onto
damnation, i mean get into hell.

The hell: definitive separation from God. Only God can make us happy. The hell is the real punisment, because it
means the definitive separation from God and the loved ones.


Amen means: that’s right, let it be. We close our paryer with this word. We express with this that we accept God’s
message, and we say a yes to his will.

We talk with the person who we love with pleasure. The Christian man do not talk about God, but talk to God
primarily. Without paryer our faith would weaken and would run out. We do not terminate the Credo only as a
lesson, but a pray. Our heart says the Amen in the end of the Credo so.

The Credo summarizes all that, what is the Church’s faith. We know the content of our faith and we learn it from
it. Because of this not only out heart, but our sense says the amen in the end of the creed.