Our church hierarchy

Our church hierarchy, organizational structure:


Our church’s leader: Márku János András founder leader

Person who eligible for the church’s representation: Márku János András
His rank: Head of the Church

Our church’s central leader is a Head of the Church and three high priest representing our church leadership.
This is the High Priest Council. The High Priest Council’s members filling up these activities:
-economic, managerial, directorial tasks
-public, social representation tasks
-religious life organization, publications editing and distribution tasks.

The general build of the church is the following:
-High priest order
-Priest order
-Sub-priest order

The Head of the Church

The principal church dignity and the intellectual leader is the Head of the Church.

He is the church’s one-person leader and his representative’s, the high priest order’s member and his leader.
He proposes his successor’s person, but the lack of this, the members of the high priest order may propose his person.
The person who was suggested by the intellectual leader, in case of accepting the recommendation fills the intellectual leader’s
dignity on the day when his predeccessor’s dignity comes to an end.

The high priest council with three members elects the intellectual leader from the ones who have recommendation.

The intellectual leader directs the church’s function, represents the church before third parties,
has independent signature right, ensures the church’s regular function, and exercises the employer’s rights.

In case of his hindrance, his general substitue authorized and obligated to his rights, done and practicing his obligation,
except for blessgiving, funeral, marrying, baptism and initiation.