Basic principles


2011 may 11.


These Statues, the Light and Love Free Christian Church’s founders accepted the terms what are in the 1990. IV. law, what is equal with the religious freedom, and it is in the constitution, what it means that:


General provisions

1./ The church’s name:

Light and Love Free Christian Church

2./ Church’s shorter name:

L&L Free Christian Church

3./ Church’s town:

8237, Batthyány u. 6.

4./ Church:

Light and Love Free Christian Church is a church, where there are people who are following their own religion and want to practice it together.


Church’s goal:


– Unite a community, which want to renovate the catholic culture

– Serve everyone’s theory and inside moral value in the community because of the continously renovation

– Giving motivation to people to connect each other in person

– Advertise a process which is about the self-cognition, self-knowing, so people can see their own personallity in a third person’s eye

– To create the country of God, strengthen the world, the culture

– To create a religion city, where everyone is saint and inviolable, and their common goal is to create God’s country, where people are not prisoners of time, of necessity, of death, of the brain’s illusion, where everything is the subjectivity of the intellectuality and liberation.

To reach the goals of the church, we want to teach our followers and enquirer:

  1. To recognise the unity of the humanity
  2. To clean the Earth and protect it
  3. To find the meaning of the human life
  4. To get answer for: where are we from, what are our goals, where do we go and who we are
  5. To recognise the cycle of life
  6. To recognise the human pain and problem’s reason, and to terminate them
  7. To recognise the destinity, the free will, as a cosmic principle
  8. To recognise in Jesus’s philosophy that the money is neccessary, but it is also a prison, and we have to recognise how can we escape from that prison
  9. To help people who have mental, emotional or physical problem
  10. To recognise what we can get from a pray or meditation
  11. To accept the death as the part of life and survive it without fear
  12. To recognise and experience and understand the unseeable forces of the world of money, goals, then defeat them
  13. To help our death friends to reach heaven
  14. To fill areas, buildings and people’s heart with love
  15. To discover the human’s ancient knowledge, to experience it and teach it to others
  16. To understand the bless, what you can get from it
  17. To understand the meaning of helping people and children
  18. To understand and experience that every people are equal
  19. To understand the process of love, wedding, experience it
  20. To create and protect love, what is the symbol of happiness, peace
  21. Getting married by the priest
  22. To recognise the sin, the sinfulness and the punishment
  23. To get experience from the angel’s ministry
  24. To understand the meaning of this world what the money own, and rule it
  25. To understand the energies what we have in our world
  26. To search for traditional, alternative way, to teach it, give it to other and use it to recover people
  27. To recognise that our thinking have constructive force, to unlock other’s negative thinking
  28. To create a multilevel education system, where we can give our thinking to others, where the church’s goals can reach their destiny, where humanity can experience the wisdom what we got from Jesus Christ, the people who became God, the symbol of love

2./ What our Church are doing

The most important goal is to teach our holy world, and spread the world and help people.

Because of that we build our own coommunity, we organize the teaching of the words and the options, ways how we will give our knowing to other.

To reach are goals we do:

  • Nonprofit works for society
  • Religion life works
  • Mental helping
  • To create spiritual reliqia
  • To teach and raise people
  • Free time activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Protect children and young-adults
  • Social activities
  • To create economic companies
  • To protect health, to avoid diseases, healing and medical activities
  • To help families and old people
  • Partnerorganise activities
  • To protect environment
  • To help old people in their home


The christian religion

Christians are all the same in their home, in their language, in their habits.

Totally solidarity, perfect love means the unity for them, like in all christian religion. In christian’s religion, there is no woman, no man, no kid, only christian people. They health the poor, the sick people in the same way. They perform their engagement with religiously. The perfect solidarity and love conduct every christian church.

The faith’s base is to recognise God’s exist and to accept Him, to accept every people like „every on-on every” and to recognise that in this dualist world, the people’s new goal is to become a new unity, community. The connection with God is unique, we can not control it and we can not say it how it has to work, everyone will have to live this connection and fight for it.

The christian church: it’s goal is to teach people and take them to a higher level without template rituals. It has more goals, like the service of a higher force, belonging to it which has responsibility. The teaching of the christian religions, humanity’s history is clearer, than it used to be,

1./Who can be a member

Every natural people can be, who accept he church’s rules, and teaching about faith

Moreover not just people can be a member, also can be a member like companies, organization, that accept the church’s goals, support their faith activities or support the work for God’s country.

If you want to be a member, you have to sign up for an entry statement.

The member can be a member of other churches.

At the moment, the church has 31281 members. (It is growing continously).

2./ Membership is breaking off:

Death of member.

If the member discard in lines.

If we dissmiss the member in theese cases:

  • He is doing some activities which is not allowed and it is in front of the church’s goals
  • Any other cases


Member’s right and responsibilities

1./ Rights

– They can go for rituals and events what the church organize

– They can give advice for the controlling

– They can be choosable for places

– They can give proposals for activites of the church

– They can get discounts from the church

– They can use services of the church

– They can use the facilities of the church

– They can give donation to the church, like money or any other natural support

– They can quit from the church

– They can spread the words, they can search for new members

2./ Responsibilites

– Members have to support the church’s goals

– Members have to respect one’s betters

– Members have to put everything into the things what they sign up for

– Members are responsible for protect church’s values


Church’s organization and working process

1./ The church’s organization

The main member is the priest, the pastore.

The church’s main event is the meeting of the members (called session).

At the moment, only the pontifical, which has 3 member  can practice the tether.

There is a hierarchic rate.

The main states:

  1. pontifical rate
  2. priest rate
  3. priest under priest rate
  4. students
  5. fonsure

a./ Pontifical rate

The main people is the pastore. He is the only leader and representative of the church, the member of the pontifical and also the leader. Who will be his assignee, he has to give proposal, if this people accept it.  If there is no one, there can be anyone from the members who is good for this position. The assignee can be the next leader, if the leader give up his position.

Pontifical choose the spiritual leader of the church with the help of recommendation.

The spiritual leader controls the working processes of church, represent the church in front of a 3rd person, he has own signature for church, takes care of the working processes, practices the laws and he can give donations.

If he is not available, his assignee is the responsible for theese processes. But there are some exception:

  • give bless to other
  • funeral
  • nuptial ceremony
  • baptism
  • initiation

b./ Members meeting

Everyone can go to a meeting. This meeting is organized by the spiritual leader. Members can ask meeting, but there is need for 10% of members’ count.

Before the meeting, the spiritual leader is responsible to tell the members there will be a meeting 15 days later. He can use post offices or electronic media.

  • Members can give proposals about the church’s activities at the meetings
  • There will have to be the 3 members of the hierachic

If the meeting has been cancelled, the leader has to organize an other meeting with the same terms.

In the statues, there are points of:

  • Choosing of the leadership
  • Accept the annual accounts, accept the financial reports
  • Accept the teachings of the spiritual leader
  • Partitioning and departitioning the churches into divisions

The hiearchic members can be theese people:

  • economical, leadership, directors
  • public priest
  • priest who organize faith life and activities

In a meeting, there are votings. The meeting of the members, a people who is chosen by the spiritual leader leads it officially. There are 2 official people who write reports about it. The reports are written by the president of church (leader).

c./ Priest rate

They are the organizers of the church’s life.

It has 13 members,the spiritual leader, his assignee and 11 more other, who give advices and helps the leader in his projects, and the other frames help him too.

The members are named by the leader and bless them.

The Main Priest’s function is terminated with his death, or if he discard his membership or if he give it up. The spiritual leader can absolve the members of the priest rate. If one of the members will be a spiritual leader, instead of there have to be choosen an other pontifical person. If the spiritual leader is being hindranced, the assisstant has to do his things.

  1. Universal Assistant
  2. 3 Members of hierarchic rate

This organization’s working rules:

If they want to have a meeting, it is the main priest’s responsibility. This hiearach have a meeting at least once a year. For the members of it, it is necessary to inform everyone at least 15 days before the meeting in letter or in person.

The hierarchic rate’s members represent the practicing of faith, what they have to write it down into a regulation. The main priest has to accept that, if everything is ok with it.

In every year, they have to make a number for it and have to concatenate into an official report. For a report, it is necessary to have the signature of at least 50% of this group. If the original report is not quorate, because in that time the original date wasn’t good for everyone, it is necessary to reschedule the meeting. In that case, the main priest has to inform the members again.

All organization’s common task is to create the terms for the living of faith life, to secure it and support it. There are highly qualified people in church, who know the thesisis of faith, they have special teaching tasks.

Structure of Priest rate

  • main priest who has economical, director and leadership works, who will utilize the buildings of church (such as houses for holidays)
  • main priest who is a public person and represent culture, society
  • main priest who organize faith life, write publications
  • 3 main priest who take care about health, sport, and raise children
  • 2 main priest who deal with naturopatia
  • 2 main priest who organize treatments (soul and therapy)


d./ Priest part

There are 72 members in it, their tasks is to teach everyone, help and protect them and to spread the church’s philosophy to people who are ready for it. The spiritual leader names the member of this part with the help of the Priest rate from the newest priest rate and he can absolve them too. The priest’s function is terminated if he dies, or cancel his function or leave the church, or if the spiritual leader says it.

e./ New priest community

This group of church helps the works of the main priests. The spiritual leader gives functions for the new priest for an expressed time from this group, and he can absolve them too. This priest who got function, his naming is terminated if he die sor cancel his function or leave the church, or if he will be choosen for spiritual leader.

f./ Students

Students are the member of church who are not the member of groups what you could read about before. Anyone can be a member of church who accepts our teaching, thesisis of faith and sign up the entry statement.

g./ Monastic community

After the born of church, it is possible to make a monastic community. There are some rules for it.

2./ End of church:

– if it says that it won’t exist anymore

– if it concatenate with other church

– disunion

– any other cases


Housekeeping of church:

1./ Incomes of church:

There are plenty of incomes, such as donations, supports from religion people, from natural people who are not members of church, from legal entity and from companies which has no legal entity. Every member of church can decide that how much can he donate to the church, it depends on his financial status.

3./ Property of church:

There are properties of church, which is exist because of there were natural people, legal entities and companies without legal entities who donated, moreover it is exist because of the services what the church has. The church can collect donations.

To reach their goals, the church can do venture activities, it can make companies, and can make economical companies moreover can take a part of it.

The main priest can make contracts with others, can represent the church in businesses, and if he can not do it, the universal assisstant can do it instead of him.

The main priest can handle the bank account of church, and also the universal assisstant if the main priest can not do it. He has the responsibility to take care of the properties, the incomes, he has to observe the strict financial rules. The church, to reach his goals:

  • get donations
  • get supports (from private person, companies, state)
  • get money from services what it gives
  • manage money, invest money, make business activities
  • everything above, to reach their goals, to maintain, to work better
  • undertake faith sponsorship and takes care of families, cities, villages etc
  • it’s property is indivisable, if anyone exists from membership, he can not get a refund



The basement of faith is to recognise, that God exists in a unit, „as it is up, it is down”, and to accept this, to accept the  „every is one- one is every” thesis, and to recognise it, and to recognise that people’s goal in this dual worlf is transcendce. The connection with God is unique, can not write rules around it, everyone has to live it and fight for it. The well-known churches have rituals and faith thesisis, what is more simple now. The church’s goal is to get people onto a higher level by teaching them, without to have the rituals to a mandatory position. The other goal is to service to take the church onto a higher level, not just the people, so there are a lot of responsibilities on it and it has high requirements. In the teaching of church, we can read a lot of things about the humanity, and we can see, that the basement is the faith what crystalized, buti n some religion the locallity and the specification means the principles, and in a long road they are twisted principles, and we have to work on it to become clearer and clearer with our own work and to get closer to God. The most important working process in the church is the teaching, in unique way and in groups, what is good for to recognize and to forward the knowledge about the natural transcendence laws, and in an other way we can experience God’s exist, in what you can be a part of it in every week through the teaching – the main priest, and the other priests lead this teaching lesson – what is a service for our souls, we can help each other through personal communications.

Short version about the church’s faith thesisis:

  1. We believe, that the human life’s goal is to reach the body-spirit-ghost trium’s harmony, so we can meet God in a higher level, we have to prepare this meeting
  2. We believe, that the nowadays people are not in the good way, so we broke up this body-spirit-ghost trium, because of that we have diseases not just in personal way, but in a society way too, and also we have socal problems, violence, and people think that there is no other world exist only the money leaded world
  3. We believe that disfunctions in private and in socitey, we can get a solution for it, every people can be leaded back to his own way to have a spiritual evolution
  4. We believe that we need a higher knowledge which is a needable equipment, and we can not set aside of theese natural manifestation
  5. We believe, that the human is only in spiritual sense of “health”, and exert positive effect on itself and on environment in harmony of trinity. This way improve, and make liveable the whole material world
  6. We believe, that with the tools and facilities of the Church we need to familiarize and spread the spiritual knowledge beyond of physical reality, based on recognition of previous enumerates. Hereby, for more people to make possible to recover the trinity of body-spirit-mind “health” and harmony. These articles of faith above, need to be practice by the way of experiencing. This practice appears in the Church members’ everyday and in ceremonies, teachings, and purifying led by Church leaders (high priest, priest, and others).


Responsibility rules

The head of the Church (or main priest) (in case of substitution, the general deputy!) take responsibility with his total property for intentionally caused damage to the church or to third person.
Prelates responsible with financial and moral way for intentionally caused damage the church, to people who connected to the Church and units under control.
Final provisions

For the unregulated issues in the modified containing Articles of Association, the Act IV of 1990 Law and Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary provides guidance.
The 2nd modification of Articles of Association and the standard document – Articles of Association –  has been accepted unanimously by the assembly of Light and Love Free Christian Church, and the regulations from now on come into effect.

11 May 2011, Debrecen




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