The Light and Affection Free Christian Church
Proclaims his deep condolence and his compassion hereby for the victims of a Japanese earthquake on 2011. 03. 11 and pledges his moral support for the Japanese state, a government, and all those, who take a part in the rescue of your human edge, the restoration and reconstruction works.

We express our compassion for the Japanese families who lost their homes, their loved ones.

We know, that material and human catastrophe of this size will be heavy to put right.

The events left a memory which cannot be deleted in the soul of many men. Healing up the spiritual wounds will be heavy.
We hope that it will be so much strength and keeping in the Japanese folk that its rebuilds his own homeland however.
If you need help, our church will do our utmost.

We wish some many successes for their heroic efforts!

Marku Janos Andras
Head of Church

12. March, 2011