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The Light and Affection Free Christian Church is a church, which have people who follow the same neologism, they have own self-government  and they want to practice their religion together  by their constitual rights, they represent an inseparable unit with the christian churchs in the practicing of life of faith, they want to belong to this church.

Some historical-politolog’s opinion about the Light and Love Free Christian Church:

  1. Ad maiorem, dei gloriam

As the title says, for God’s larger glory and our nation’s perserevance, we have to join together to keep our faith, because the force is in unit and now hungarian people need force and stamina. The Light and Love Free Christian Church opened their temples of Hope and supported historical churches to support this goal. I wish, God give us force, stamina to our faith.

After I talked to father János in person, I can confirm his honest Will, that he wants to build a temple to the Hungarian Nation to stay alive. A temple, that he doesn’t want to light up from outside, instead of from inside, we want to light up the faith in the soul of believers. Happiness in soul, heavenly happiness in the hearts of hungarians, because we have to get new force, because if we don’t, we can loose in the sea of nations.

Our ancestor’s respect, our saint king’s love drive our nations into the temple of Hope and God bless everyone who helps the people who are on an uplifted road. The respect of evangelium, getting back the ancient knowledge, the help for the fallen, these are all in the Light and Love,  these serves the road that we have to found. A road, which leads to God, a road which serves the glory and the staying alive of our nations. In the ancient hungarian christian culture’s spirit, we have to work, produce, learn and live faithlife, these mean the mottos for the temple of Hope, if we do these, the Happy Lady, our Mother will hugs us and the angels will smile to us.

On the whole: „A puro pura defluit aqua”  I close these as: Clean water pours from clean source. I wish that this water never become blood.

In aeternum

PhS Sándor Tóth, historic searcher, Eger.

  1. from historic searcher Ágnes Iványi:

Dear father János!

Let me tell you some observation about your website, which in has a lot of spirit, and I am not the only one who search this spirit, a lot of other search for it.

I like website and:

  • the hand which keeps the candle (It has warm, peace defence)
  • the spread handed Jesus instead of the crucified Jesus, which was a symbol in the Middle-Age Europe.
  • the website’s design.
  • Everyone can match with the 12 point, in these points, you can remember that the religion’s basic is the Bible, not the new testament. I tell you that because the reform church’s studies there are a lot of quote from the old testament instead of the new one . Jesus closed the old one and gave us a new one.
  • Every hungarian people, but the Karpat region is not hungarian, but its believer habitants know, that region is the Happy Lady’s country.
  • The small region can be a perfect equipment for something that succeeded in the west-europe churches. The leaders of the Church takes care about not just the believers’s soul, but they take care of everyone other’s everyday problems. So they can help each other in a lot of things, like giving advices, job transmitting, etc…

„Our faith in God and our ceremony’s goal is in between two extremity: one of them is the formalism of rituals, the other one is the racionalism thinking.

The Light and Love Free Christian Church’s standpoint is the value of christanity.

In my oppinion, this attitude means the modern people’s freedom, as its connect to God.

Modern people need it, but it is not the only one equipment for the ceremony which is a weekly progress, because the ten commandmends writes: „devote God’s day”, but the believer man’s everyday is God’s day, life’s every hours belongs to God and wherever a believer is, he knows that hw wants to serve the community, the greater good and he can prays on plane, on tram, or even in a car.

Our insestence to Saint Istvan means the connectivity to the west-europe christanity. Now the people who grown up, their soul life’s are from the time before Saint Istvan, because they want to get power and want to have happiness through the faith. The world citizens have faith in love, which spring from Jesus’s love, peace and tolerance in people.

The Light and Love Free Christian Church can give an opportunity to the people who live their life with love to have new experiences in the New Church, and get more energy from the old-new Christ.

One of the most important quoe in this Church: to serve God through the people.

Ágnes Szent-Iványi