Thank for Father János and for the God.

When I talked to Father János – I confess – I had some unbelief. Of course not in God, instead of the idea, that there are people who can help me through HIS. I was disappointed. I had been ill for 8 months, i went from doctor to doctor and i have lost my faith in doctors. I had several examination but they hadn’t know what was my problem.  Since several months on my body there are a lot of pimple, they always tickle, it is very annoying. My physical strength was lower than before. I had a lot of pain, I was week, and to pick up my 3 years old son into my hand was difficult. My patient was disappeared, I couldn’t tolerate myself a lot of time and I couldn’t do anything with my feelings. But now I know that everyone had difficult to stay with me, the love was the only thing which connected my family to me. Then my husband found Father János….Exactly He was the person who found us and invited us behind mine back…

When me and my husband went to Father János, I had a lot of fear in me (and unbelief). He knew everything about me (I didn’t know how, but now I know), but I hadn’t have to talk much, so he told me that my health status is because of the devil. He said a lot of things what helped me to recover. Than there was a ceremony. I was a little bit afraid of that, but inside me, I wanted to, because I wanted to get better and recover and I went to him for help. My eyes were closed, I didn’t know what was happening, but the feeling was unbelievable. It was like something warm around me and I felt that I was levitating. Before that time, when I closed my eyes, i had seen evil faces, sometimes they had talked to me. After my first visit, they disappeared. The father showed me the white light, and helped me to start myself in my way to forgive myself and to recover. He told me that I can love only in that way, if I forgive my mistakes to myself and to everyone that I am in contact with. He helped me to get away my fears and bad thinks, I didn’t cry when I thought to my dead father, I had no bad feelings when I remembered to bad things.

But I had to go once again. It was an other feeling to me.I KNEW that my bad status was over. I believed that when i started to go home, I will be a new guy. A person who was like before. There was an other ceremony, I had new different feelings. Now i know that the Father expelled the devil. It was horrible. There was warm, sometimes pain, sometimes weeknesses inside me. But in addition it was sweet. I can not write about the ceremonies, because I didn’t see it, but it’s results were great. It changed my life. I got back my old lady, wife who I was. The peace, the love, the knowledge,  the patience, I got back everything. There is no fear in me anymore. I can smile again, love again, and yes, the sun is shining everyday in a different way. My phisycal strength is getting better and better. This is a long way, but I could step on it with the help of Father János and with the help of God.

This story can be a little bit cartoonist, but it is true, because this story was happened with a person who didn’t believed in theese things.

Thank you, Szentlélekiné. 2011. September 14.