A funereal ceremony happens in the ticket of the piety in the ticket of the respect for the dead persons.
The funeral our faith notion not that way truth, that influences his state beyond the dead grave.
The funeral beside the dead person’s coffin, but does not speak to the dead person, but for the living persons.

It’s aim: the correct interpretation of the concept of the death; the positive evaluation of the dead person’s life, the exploitation of his content with an educator value; the mourners’ consolation;

For God’s power demonstrating; the ethernal life sowed the deepening of faith; the post mortem one the making aware of a judgement; for the shocking mood of the last farewell positive and driving him into a constructor bed.
Distinguish: funereal ceremony made at house, in a church and at the grave.

There is a ceremonial difference only between these. The procession of the funereal ceremony: song, prayer, his alley, text, mortuary speech, sending off, prayer, blessing and song.
A number folk habit prevails on our funerals.

Jesus next teaching summarizes the essence of the church service and a ceremony the best: God’s soul; and the who he is adored, need, that it is adored in a soul and truth.

With the funeral related viewpoints
1. The announcement of the death suitable questionnaire ill. a registry slip happens to his help.
2. The local one is bell-ringing according to a habit.
3. The management of the material questions concerns the assignee.
4. On the vigil preceding the funeral, let the clergyman not buy a part where this is in a habit, let the song leader or the entrusted church member lead the singing of the spiritual songs.
5. The funeral is his time according to the local habit.
6. The funereal ceremony happens to a coffin locked only.