According to our Christian faith, the baptismal ceremony is that where the man becomes one of the Christian Church’s members. The baptism so simply admission, inaugural ceremony.

It’s goal: to say thanks to God for the birth of the child, to express the parents’ and the family members’ joy and their happiness in a festive form; to warn the parents, godparents and the congregation about their duties, which ones accomplishing the child actually Christian; to arouse the consciousness of the responsibility in them and to pledge themself they in the interest of bringing up the child to be baptized to be a Christian, everything will be done really.

The fact of the ceremony does not make the child Christian, but that educator buys the beginning of an activity, which the baptism is with his occasion,, and onto the pledge of which the child’s relatives solemnly pledge himself.

The baptism has to happen in the church according to the ceremonial order in the next practice possibly: song, supplication, text, agenda, the plot of a prayer, a gentlemanly prayer, the baptism and blessing, the water used with the occasion of the baptism the symbol of the cleanness, the life.

Who came in for one of the baptismal ceremonies already is qualified as Christian according to our church’s faith. Our church acknowledges the baptismal blessing given by the other denominations, other Christian communities, holiness.