What we have to know about drug addiction

The dangers of the drug use:
-the effect of the drug is not takes long, when it is over, the user slides back into the world from where he or she wanted to escape.
-use it often or in a big portion – like other type of this product – leads to intellectual and health impairment
-relieves the hindering, motivates to a reckless behaviour
-can induce addiction
-the dangers of the intakes:
– cocaine sniff: harms the nose, respiratory tracts, lung
– needle used many times, jointly causes hepatitis, aids, other illness and infections
The reasons of the drug use:
-the distortion of the human personality, its injury
-the people and its social environment inapposite relation
– psychic, social background factors inside the family and apart from it
Reintegration programs: the social services closing the treatment:
– employment
– aftercare
– education, training
– we insure an inhabitability
The determining factors of the cure, rehabilitation:
–after the beginning of the drug usage how much time, and what kind of shape the patient gets into the institution
–the personality of the specialist dealing with the patient, his knowledge, his professional practice
–the presence of the family helping the patient, friends
–the patient’s ill attitude and volition
The aims of the work with the drug users:
–nursing, nurture
–the helping of the achievement of the full abstinence being based on the client’s voluntary resolution
–the development of the personality, the definition of new, constructive things in life
–the prevention of the development of an aggressive behaviour danger for others and themself
–the use of therapeutic communities’ curative strength
–a family’s, relatives’ withdrawal into the rehabilitation
–reintegration: return journey into the society of the healthy ones
Basic propositions:
–the institution acquainting, accepting
–modern care models’ development, its introduction
–the recognition of the addicts’ social situation
–coordination between a hygienic, social provision system
–special rehabilitation services
–the addicts social accepting, restoring them to the society
–the speciality employees’ professional development
The dynamics of the recovery:
1. the client enjoys the implement usage , does not turn for help
2. confronts with the negative consequences of the implement usage, regarding the change ambivalent
3. knows that more are the disadvantage, than the benefits: gets ready to getting out of the habit of the implement
4. the client can be involved into the therapeutic process: actual steps onto the disuse
5. the client’s state changed already , ceased or the drug use moderated
6. fallback happens sometimes
In the course of the whole process essential:
–vigorous exterior support
–model following, social learning
–safe environment
–let to get an opportunity for the forming of a new behaviour
–the forming of new, healthy contacts
–good methods: family therapy, included groups , attentive care, collaborative care
To avoid all of these, the prevention is our primary objective!

The aim of the prevention:
– the review of harms caused by addictions,
– the exploration of situations which put the life at risk
– in the beginning of the potential problems, the starting of a lifestyle change, its helping.

We continue all of these in the framework of a school system education and we propagate them in informative newspapers.