The nurture of aged people

The data of the experimental researches of the gerontology, and the results of the human following researches justify that the ageing has geroid and antigeroid factors biologically.

The content of the successful or unsuccessful, harmonic one disharmonious, and the physiological or pathology aging, its beat and its outcome, the lifestyle play a very considerable role.

The physiological ageing processes only restrict these function capacities, while the pathological changes debased the homoeostasis suddenly, so the health and quality of life are harmed, affecting the individual’s self-reliance, activity, prosperity in body and soul, adaptation, function and productivity.

Very important to see that the subject of social work are not the old people, but the people who are aged.

To their helping, and the developed middle and our longer-term helping strategy beside the direction of the aged man’s social situation are very important to built in the mental and community supporting solutions, which make possible for the old people that to live their life in safe.

We wait for those registration who would like to work as a helper to extend our service. We assign the nurture of the aged ones into two groups.
– home care and
– nurture at home

With this support we help the old ones to make their life easier and more beautiful.