Helping and nurturing homeless people

The Homeless Caring Center’s aim that to give the homeless people a share in the possible largest and multi-faceted ethical and material help with the tools of the social work and its methods, with the institution’s tools and services, act on their state.
Our vocational staff numbers conform to the emerging claim, who have the vocational qualifications making the decision about the vocational tasks of the social services, providing the personal care and the conditions of their function.

We help our work with the plans, which are developed together with the clients carefully, and they are personal.
Inside the institution we organizing the community life, the family, social-, and working relationships.

We help in the management of the official cases of the provided ones, and we suggest solutions for their problem. Independently, and with our contacts we are trying to solve the social crisis situations in the city, which are concerning the homeless. We make hygienic, legal and administrative counsel.

We help in the optimization of the homeless people and their family members’ contacts.

We run a street caretaker service in the whole year. We mediate the offers to our clients.

The night refuge is open 14 hours in a day, from 18:00 until 8:00. In the opening hour time there are opportunity for getting washed, washing and drying, culturing and peaceful sleep. There is a social worker around here, four hours in a day. In the evening, we provide dinner. We have a separate lockable value protecting cupboard for the people, too. We store their bigger values separetely.

This activity takes one third of the opening time. We registrar the social and mental nurture on an individual sheet, and we keep a prescribed uniform computerised register of them.
A soup kitchen provides an opportunity for the consumption of a daily onetime warm food for the person in needs, with a social worker’s availability. We provide the bathing, washing, lavatory, drying opportunities, too. The shelter is open from 10:00-18:00. At daytime, there is opportunity for resting, useful time (telly, video, DVD, game, reading: book, newspapers, etc.), washing, administration, dining, collaborating with the street social service. We organize small group talks in separate rooms. To change and improve their labour-market situation, we organizing occupations to statisfy their special claims.

We pay high attention to the street social service. We provide the estate to the clients when the departments are open. All of our colleague do social work on the streets.

Our aim is to help the unprovided people, who live on the streets every day mentally and socially. Our street workers provide telephonic and personal availability for the people who are turning to them. We prepare a continuous map from the detected people’s place. The exploration contains the survey of the claims of the affected ones.
We create and maintaining several services according to these surveys, and as a result of our service’s continuous and cautious function for the people who live on the streets.
The most important things among these: we give tea and food in the crisis period in every day, and we give food for one week, and under five degrees, we visit the meeting points and look up the homeless people. We provide opportunity for washing and to take a bath continuously in our institutions.

In the case of need, we bring the homeless people into the institution. We maintain a seperate crisis room for those cases, when our clients – according to their state – can not take advantage of the institution’s services for example drunkenness.

A social information service works 24 hours a day, its primary aims to solve the crisis situations, to organize the services, and to keeping contact with other institutions, provide information from the services, and continuous assistance. It keeps in touch with the dispatcher service.

Taking the guiding of the ethical code into consideration in the act of an individual case, treat the clients as equals, keeping the human dignity before an eye, we help strengthening their self mantaining ability. We make decisions together with our clients, but we yield the initiation to them.