Doctrines about God and the Christianity

1. The Good Book

The Bible – the Old and New Testament – is God’s written word. God inspired his holy men, who related that what the Holy Spirit made them to write down. God informed the people about everything in his Verb which is necessary to the redemption. The Good Book is the infallible revelation of God’s will. This is authoritive, the source of the experiences which can be entrusted for the historical actions, the authoritative revelation of the dogmata and God.
2. The Holy Trinity

One the God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is the three everlasting persons’ unit. God immortal, almighty, everything knowing, he is above everything, and ever-present. We know from his asseveration that He is endless, and exceeds the human comprehension. Eternally worthy onto the adoration, admiration and the service of all creatures.
3. The Father is God

God is the everlasting Father, the creator, the source, the keeper and lord of all creatures. Righteous and saint, gracious and merciful, delayed for the anger, abounds in consistent affection and faithfulness.
The characteristics and the powers of the Son and the Holy Spirit is the revelations of the Father, too.
4. The Son

God, the everlasting Son embodied in Jesus Christ. Everything was created by Him, the God’s character became obvious in Him, the humanity’s redemption fulfilled in Him, and He forms judgement on Earth. The eternal true God became a men in Jesus Chris. Conceived by the Holy Spirit, was born from Virgin Mary. Lived as a man, than tempted as a man, but he was a perfect embodier of God’s justice and his affection.
Revealed God’s power by way of his miracles, and proved that he is the promised Messiah. Undertook the suffering and the crucifixion voluntarily instead of us for our sins; revived from the death and went up into the Heaven, to intercede us in the heavenly sanctuary. He will come again in glory to his folk, and do everything again for us.
5. The Holy Spirit

God, everlasting soul, collaborated with the Father and the Son in the creation, in the materialize and in the redemption. He inspired the authors of the Good Book, filled Christ’s life with strength, he draws and convinces the people, forms and renew to his image those who were obeyed. The Father and the Son sent the Holy Spirit to be with his children always, to provide spiritual gift to the churches, and lead us to the truth in accordance with the Good Book.
6. The creation

God is the creator of everything. The Good Book showed the truth about his creational work. The Lord made the land and the sky, and every living creature in 6 days, and on the 7th day he took a rest. To remember his work, he created the Saturday. The first couple was made to God’s image, as a crown of the creation. God left the land and all the responsibilites above all creatures to them, to take care for it. When the creation ended, God said that gloriously: multiply, multiply and take control of the land.
7. The nature of the man

The first couple was made for God’s image with individuality, power and freedom in order to think and act. Altough it is a free being, the unit of the body, the spirit and the soul, its life depends on God after all. When our ancestors denied and did not obey to God, they lost their privilege. God’s image shattered in them, and they became the subjects of the death. Their successors inherited this corrupted nature and its consequences.
They are born with weaknesses and guilty tendencies. But God god made the land come to terms in Christ, and restores his creator’s image in the penitent mortal man by the way of the Holy Spirit. They were made for God’s glory, and they called to love Him and each other, and take care of their environment.
8. The big fight

The whole humanity got entangled into the big fight between God and Satan, which is around the question of the rule above the universe, God’s character, and his law. The fight was beginning in the heaven, when a being was created with a free will, praising himself, and turned into God’s enemy, the Satan, and he incited a part of the angels, too. The rebellion’s ghost was brought into this world when he took Ádám and Éva into sin.
The result of the human sin was that to humanity lost their God like image, the order of the created world broke up, and the land was destroyed on the time of the flood. This world was the scene of the universal fight, which was followed by all of the universe with close attention. But God’s affection finally comes true. Christ sends his Holy Spirit and the good angels to guide on the road of the salvation, and to help his folk in the fight, let them shielded and protected.
9. Christ’s life, death and resurrection

With the Redeemer Jesus’s life – which was a perfect obedience of the God’s will – suffering, death and resurrection God took care of the appeasement of the human sin, so who accept this victim, their life may be eternal, and the whole created world may understand the creator’s everlasting affection better.
This perfect appeasement confirms the justice of God’s holy law and his compassionate character, because both judge our sins, but ensure the forgiving. Christ’s death substitute and propitiatory, reconciled and converter.
Christ’s resurrection shows God’s triumph above the evil. He secures a final victory for those who accept the redemption above the sin and the death. Makes Jesus Christ’s power obvious, everybody kneel down in front of him.
10. The experience of the redemption

From a god’s endless affection and his mercy, who did not know a sin, made him a sin, to be God’s justice in Him. We recognise our misery, our guilt with the Holy Spirit’s leadership, we regret our sins and we practise our religion in Jesus, as Lord and Christ, a substitute and a role model. This faith giving salvation fulfils the divine power of the Verb and this is the gift of God’s mercy. By Christ we are justified God adopted us to his sons and daughters, and we got rid of the rule of the sin. We were reborned by way of the soul and we sanctified. The soul renews our mind, God writes his affection law in our heart, and the gives strength for a saint life. We will be participiant of the divine nature staying in him, and ours the certainty of the redemption now and at the time of the judgement.
11. Increasing in Christ

He triumphed over the evil strengths by way of Jesus’s crucifixion. He, who overcame the demonic souls broke their power and assured their final destruction. Jesus’s victory gives a victory to us above the evil strengths, but they aim for even now, that how we should be controlled while we are in peacefulness, a joy and the certainty of his affection. The Holy Spirit dwells in us already now and authorizes us. We were free from the burden of our past acts with Jesus, as our Redeemer and our Lord. We do not live in the darkness longer, being afraid of the evil strengths, the ignorance and our previous meaningless life. In this new freedom, which we gained in Jesus, how we should be growing in the resemblance of his character by way that we cultivate the daily truth intimate contact with Him, by way of the examination of the paryer and the verb, contemplating above his teachings and providence. While we devote ourselves to the loving service of the ones around us, and we give proof of His redeemer work, transforms all of our minutes and all of our tasks into a spiritual experience with his presence by his Holy Spirit.
12. The Church

The church the believers’ community, who acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and their Messiah. God called us out from the world as the spiritual successors of the folk living in the age of the old testament. We made a community with each other to pray, the mutual participation, hearing the Verb, to the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, the whole humanity’s service and to the Gospel advertising on the whole world. The church’s gave its tasks from Christ –the Verb realized in a body, and from Good Book-. The church is God’s family: children are accepted by him, who live according to the renewed association. The Church is Christ’s body, the community of the faith. The church is the bride, for who Christ died for, to purify and sanctify. Sets up a glorious church for himself at the time of his triumphant return, all ages trustworthy ones, who bought on his blood, on who have not got a freckle, but saints and impeccable.
13. The residuals and its mission

Those who believe in Christ sincerely form the universal church; but calls away residual ones in order to keep God’s commandment and Jesus’s faith in the last times. This residuals advertise the time of the judgement day, the redemption by way of Christ, and Christ’s second coming. The three angels symbolize this message which coincides with the judgement proceeding in the heaven, and it is written in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 14. It yields penitence and renewal though on the land. The invitation is for every believers, to take a part personally in the advertising in the world.
14. The unit of Christ’s body

The church a body with many members, called out from all nations, a section, a language and from a folk. In Christ we are new creation. May not divide the church racial, cultural, education and nationality, and low and poor and rich differentiation. In Christ we are equal, and a Soul keeps with Him and each other in a community. We are in order that we serve without partiality and being served. Through the Good Book – in which Jesus Christ revealed himself – we are all participiant of the same faith and hope, and we advertise this as a proof to everyone. The source of this unit the Holy Trinity who adopted us for its child.
15. The baptism

We confess our faith sowed into Jesus Christ’s death and his resurrection by way of the baptism, and we give proof that we died for the sin and we want a new life. We acknowledge Christ as our Lord and our Redeemer, we will be his folk and admits us as his church’s members. The baptism is the symbol of the union with Christ, the apology’s of our sins and the Holy Spirit’s gaining. It happens in water with submergence. The condition is to believe in Jesus and the the certainty of the confessing. The baptism follows the examination of Good Book and the acceptance of its teachings.
16. The Lord’s Supper

Having a share in the symbols of Jesus’s body and his blood is the Lord’s Supper, which expresses our faith sowed into our Lord and our Redeemer. Jesus is in the experience of the Lord’s Supper, to meet and strenghten his folk. When we attend in it, we advertising the Lord’s death with pleasure, until he returns. The preparation to the Lord’s Supper contains the selfchecking, penitence and regret. The Master ordered the service of the foot washing in order to point to the renewed purification: express ourselfs with Christian humbleness to each other, and unite our hearts in affection! All Christian believers may come to the Lord’s Supper.
17. Spiritual gifts and services

God donated spiritual gift to his Church’s members at all times, which they had to use it in favour of the church and the humanity. The gift by the activity of the Holy Spirit – who gives it to all members as it wants – ensures those skills and services to the Church to fulfill its mission, which was ordered by God. According to the Good Book, these gifts include the following services: faith, curing, prophesying, preaching, teaching, management, being reconciled, mercy, altruistic service, the practice of charity to help people and encourage them.
God called away some members, and his Soul clothed them with activities, which are admitted by the Church as an evangelic, apostolic and teaching service acknowledge. Those aim is to prepare the members to serve, raising the Church’s spiritual maturity, cultivating in faith and godknowledge. If the members, as loyal stewards of God’s diverse mercy use these spiritual gifts, then the Church is protected by the destructive influence of the false tenets, it develops, raising in faith and affection.
18. The seership’s gift

The seership is one of the Holy Spirit’s gift. This gift, which expressed itself in E. G. White service, is the residual church’s earmark. Because God’s herald, his writing and the truth is permanent, it is an authoritative source, which solace, control, guide and teach the Church. They made obvious that the Bible is a norm, with which is necessary to examine all teaching and experience.
19. God’s law

The Ten Commandments summarize the big basic principles of God’s law and Christ’s life exemplifies this. The Ten Commandments expresses God’s affection and will, and defines the people’s behaviour and relations.
This is always obligatory for everybody. This law is the basis of the association between God and his folk, and a norm in God’s judgement. It shows us the sin by the way of the Holy Spirit’s work, and awakens a desire after the Redeemer. The redemption is not made from actions, but from mercy, and the compliance of the Commandments is the mercy’s fruit.
The obedience develops the Christian character and gives happiness. This proves the affection for the Lord and the concern of our fellowmen. The obedient faith shows Jesus Christ life-converter power, and strenghtens the Christian people’s testimony.
20. The Saturday

The kind-hearted creator took a rest on the seventh day after six days of creation, and made the Saturday the memory of the creation for mankind. The fourth commandment of God’s irrevocable law requires that to keep a day to pray, relax and serve, in accordance with Jesus’s teaching.
The Saturday is the day of the intimate contact with God and each other. This is the symbol of the redemption, the sign of our sanctifying, and the pawn of our faithfulness. The Saturday is an eternal sign of the permanent association between God and his folk. This holy period takes from night to night, sunset to sunset, and it is a celebration of the Creator’s and the Redeemer’s work.
21. The stewardship

We are God’s stewards: he left us time and occasion, the blessing of the earth and its sources. We are responsible for its wise using. We admit God’s ownership with loyal service for Him and our fellowmen, paying the tithe to improve the advertising of the Gospel, and maintaining the Church. The stewardship is a privilege, what God gave to us to work on our fellowmen with love, and to triumph over the selfishness and the greed. The steward is glad for those blessing that others gain as the result of his faithfulness.
22. The Christian behaviour

God called us to think on the heavenly basic principles, feel and act as a devout person. Only deal with things which give us purity, health and pleasure, and the Soul can create the Lord’s image in us. This means that our entertainment and our social life should be on the highest and the most beautiful peak of the Christian taste. Considering the cultural differences, our clothing should be simple, modest, tasteful and neat. This means that our body is the Holy Spirit’s temple, we have to take care of it. With practice and resting we have to accept the possible healthiest diet, and we have to abstain from the unclean foods which are defined in the Good Book. Because of the alcohol, the smoking, and the drugs are bad for our body, we have to abstain them. Deal with such things which form our mind and body to Christ’s. Christ wants us to be healthy, happy and good.
23. Marriage and family

God created the merriage in the Eden, which is a lifelong unit in affection between the man and woman, and Jesus confirmed it. Since for the Christians the marriage is a commitment for God and the spouse, it should be between partners with same faith to each other. This relations built on mutual affection, appreciation, respect and responsibility, which are show the relations of the affection between Christ and his Church, holiness, intimacy and stability.
Jesus taught that who divorce from his spouse commits adultery – except the divorce because of fornication – and get married with someone else. Altough not all family relationship are ideal, but can be an affection community between the spouses with the leadership of the Holy Spirit, if they subordinate themself in Christ. God blesses the family and its members, and wants to help each other to full mellowness.
The parents have to teach their children to love God and the obedience. With their example, their words teach them to be a member of God’s family. One of the earmarks of the evangelical message of the last times are the family’s growing solidarities.
24. Christ’s service in the heavenly church

There is a sanctuary in the heaven, a real church, which was built by the Lord, not by man. Christ serves for us in that, to give free run of the benefits of his expiatory sacrifice for the believers, which he sacrificed for everybody on the cross. He became our High Priest and started his work at the time of his ascension. He started his second propitiatory service at the time of the expiration of the 2300 year prophetic times, in 1844. This is the work of the examination judgement, which is the part of the final arrangement of all sins, the clearing of the ancient Hebrew sanctuary symbolized it on the day of the appeasement. The sanctuary was cleaned by the blood of the sacrificial animal, the heavenly things clear by with the perfect victim of Jézus blood.
The examination judgement makes it obvious before the heavenly beings, who died in Christ, and because of this they are worthy for the first resurrection. This makes it obvious, who remained in Christ among the living persons, keeping God’s commandments and Jesus’s faith, and because of this they are ready to go to God’s eternal country. This judgement justifies God’s justice, keeping those who believe in Jesus. Makes it obvious that those who are loyal to God, can go to the Country. The conclusion of this service of Christ before the second Advent indicates the end of the examination of the humanity.
25. Christ’s second coming

Christ’s second coming is the Church’s blessed hope, the apex of the Gospel. The Redeemer’s coming will be literally personal, visible and world wide. When he returns, the true dead will revive, and go to the Heaven with the true living ones, but who is not true will die.
The almost full fulfilment of the prophecy series together with the world’s present state indicates that Christ’s coming is near. God did not declare the time of this event, and because of this we have to always ready for this.
26. Death and resurrection

The death is the payment of the sin. But God gives eternal life to his redeemed ones. The death will be a unconscious state only for everybody until that day. When Christ appears, the resurrected true ones will be glorified together with the true living ones and they will go to meet their Lord. The second resurrection, the resurrection of the evil will be 1000 years from now.
27. The events of the Millenium and the end of the guilt trip

The Millenium is the rule of the millennial heavens for Christ and his saints between the first and the second resurrection. Meanwhile the guilty dead persons will be condemned, the Earth will be a barren without living persons, and it will be owned by Satan and his angels.
At the end of the thousand years Christ gets off from the Heaven with his saints. The evil dead will raise at this time and the city will be surrounded by them and Satan and his angels, but God will lower fire, which will digest them and clean the land.
So the universe gets rid of the sin and the sinners forever.
28. The new Earth

On the New Earth, where the truth dwells, God provides an eternal home, a perfect environment for the eternal life, affection and joy for the redeemed ones with his presence. God wants to live with his folk, there are no suffering and death here. The big fight is over, and there will be no sins. Everything, living and lifeless things together tell that God is the affection; and He reigns eternally. Amen.