Blessing the marriage


It happens after the civil marriage in front of publicity in the church. It’s aim is that let the marriage receive a religious and ethical content beside the legal success. We ask God’s guardian’s affection onto the starting domestic life.

It is important that the family should start between ethicoreligious frameworks throug it is a society’s basic party organization.

The ceremony of blessing, the marriage evolved in our Church because of this. This ceremony happens in the church, between festive frameworks.

Our aim is that to tell the divine revelation of the domestic life to the marriageable ones, then explain it, and call their attention to the fulfilment of their duties, wich are come from it, and bind onto their soul those things which are in the loyalty oath.

The ceremonial order of the marrying: occasional song, supplication, then text, marrying agenda, prayer, the marrying formula and the blessing.

The viewpoints of blessing the marriage

Our clergymen confer the certified marriages bound lawfully in a church blessing only.
The place of the ceremony is the church, or in a justified case the ministerial office, or the family house. The order of the ceremony is the same, the song may lag behind here in this case.

The state stands up for the family resting on Christian foundations in certain countries. It is a matter for the evangelic established church in Norway.

A szertartás helye a templom, indokolt esetben a lelkészi iroda vagy családi ház. A szertartás rendje ebben az esetben is ugyanaz, az ének itt elmaradhat.

Bizonyos országokban az állam támogatja, hogy a család keresztény alapokon nyugodjon. Norvégiában az evangélikus államegyháznak számít.