Our spiritual practices

The Light and Affection Free Christian Church’s spiritual practices

1. In the morning, before you get up, thank to God to gifted you with a new day of your life, new opportunities, and ask Him to inspire you during the day. Turning your face towards East then, take deep breaths, concentrate on the vitality which is awakening in you. Drink a glass of water after these, and start your daily activity.

2. In spite of the trials and sufferings of life, consider it the most valuable gift, which the cosmos gave to the human beings, because this is the place of the spiritual development and the source of the happiness. Consider your body the church of your soul, and bear its trouble with the largest attention.

3. Assign a place in your home where you are praying if you may do it, you meditate. Make this your own chapel, your sanctuary, from which you keep all troubles at a distance, and where you do not make a any kind of everyday activity.

4. Thank a god before all dinings because you are lucky one that he is what to feed. Give a thought to those for who do not have anything to eat.

5. As you know, the aim of all human beings, how they can perfect himself, and become better. You have to aim for the discovery of the virtues of the soul which are keeping you alive, and aim for its expression. With this you help your own improvement, and you serve the humanity’s aims.

6. Take a little time for send the affection, the harmony to the humanity, especially to those who are mentally, or physically impaired. Ask God to provide help to them, and protect them from the trials of life.

7. Be a role model to who you are living or contacted with, them be allowed to feel that they would like to similar to you. Let your morals turn into the possible clearest one observing the sound of your conscience, and pay attention to it always, in order to speak, think and act correctly.

8. Be understanding. Do not you ever condemn or judge someone, because you may not see into other’s heart and soul. Look at other ones with benevolence and forgiving, and look at what is the best in them.

9. Be generous with those who are in a worse situation than you. Try to execute at least a good act every day. Do not boast of this good act, but say thanks to God, because He made you capable for it.

10. Let your behaviour be modest, and avoid the extremes in everything. Be moderate and select the middle way always.

11. If you fill a driving position, do not be proud of this, and do not give in to temptation. Never use this power to force someone to do a thing what the person diapproves, unfair, immoral, or illegal. Bear your position with humility, and serve the common with it.

12. Be understanding with others, and speak collectedly. If you practise a criticism, it should be constructive. If somebody asks for your advice about a topic that you do not know well, acknowledge your ignorance modestly. Do not you lie or defame others.

13. Respect for your country’s laws, and strive for being a good citizen. Remember that the key of the human development resides in the development of the consciousness always.

14. Be humanistic, and consider all of the humanity, as if it would be your family. Above racial, cultural, or ideological affiliation, the human beings are siblings. The same judgement and respect concern everybody because of this.

15. Consider the nature the most beautiful sanctuary and the earthly manifestation of the perfect Godness. Respect all of the forms of the life, treat the animals as living, conscious beings.

16. Be and stay always open minded. Think independently, do not depend on others thinking. Allow others to think freely, do not force your ideas onto nobody, and always consider that everybody follows the way of the development.

17. Respect all religious and philosophical convictions if they do not offend the human dignity. You should not become dogmatic or a sectarian in the course of the manifestation of your faith. Be a patriot and advertise it!

18. Keep your promises, and satisfy your duties. If you give your word for something, it must be saint, and it should be your honour case.

19. Think of your ethical ideal’s symbol if you have to make a resolution, and do not forget it, that all lies has karmic consequences to you. In fact, we can mislead our fellowmen, but we can not mislead the God’s Justice.

20. The church’s aim is that increase the consciousness, and share its teaching with others. Talk about the philosophy of the Light and Affection Church to those who search for knowledge, but do not try to convince anybody about this.

21. Do not tell the people that the Church’s member are wise people, who have the Justice. Allude us to philosophers, or the earners of Wisdom. Do not tell from yourself such a thing that you are achieved everything, just say that you follow the way of the perfectness.

22. In the evening, before you fall asleep, summarize your day, and analyze that was it succesful or not. According to your conscience judge all that what you thought, said, and did during the day, and draw the inference from the view of your spiritual development, and try to do good things after that. Forgive everybody. Then send positive thoughts for humanity, and leave your soul to God’s providence before falling asleep then. Amen.