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The teaching of the history religion says we get more clear religion because God have sent us enlightened, wise teachers of the realigion moral, who drove us into a clearer religon persuasion which is identical with understanding.

We call God’s envoys prophets, apostols or religion  founders.

I am a relegion founder too.

When the holyspirit touched my soul through my prayers, I found salvation in HIM.

I feeled myself the choosen one to serve HIM as a shepherd.

To give donations onto HIS altar, advertise His Word, the Lords commands, to shepherd his charges.


I saw the sunlight as a child of a peasant family in 1947, in Miskolc. My parents raised me and my two siblings up in baptism, faith and love. When I was in my school-age, I served the priest at every mass, throught cerenomies. From this time I have my commitment in faith. I verified my marriage in front of God because of my cathlocic commitment 40 years ago, 3 little girl were borned, who gave me 5 grandchild as a gift.

Through the walk of my life, after the line infantry,  I served forward until 1984. After the change of the political system, I felt bigger and bigger vocation to produce something undying from that I bring myself from my nido.

The uncondition about my faith in God and our historical grandfather’s actions inspired me to create a new religion community from the knowledge of the religions, so I spent 20-25 years to teach faith and moral to the juniors. After spending several years in the religion worklife, the community which I led transformed into a new religion in december 2009. In this time I had serious medical problems too, which was ended because of my energy what I laid into my faith.

Our church’s main goal is to raise our members’ consciousness higher and higher throught teaching without the required prescribed ritual which gets the life of faith into mechanic.

We can look this only one, the every religion’s most inward’s point, that it is a new phrasing of the teaching, which was born for the recent people.  The renovated ideas don’t come from an outside source, they show our religion’s profession of faith.

In our religion’s teaching, the hungarian people’s  prehistory is the base and the recognition too, first of all the persuasion, that our nation can only get back its old glory, if we dredge our own hungarian soul’s suitable autenticathed prehstory-religion from the shadow’s oblivion, which is not else, that – with the words of Gyula Illyés – the good will of our ancestors.

In this effort, we give ourself’s defence under the Happy Lady in a totally natural way. As the christian tradition says, Hungary is the country of Mary, our goal is to go in quest of the old hungarian’s tradition’s wisdom, it’s  recognition, getting new experiences and it’s teaching which is the main goal and it’s the cause of existence. Our church is the Free Christian’s House of the Lord and Love which includes every christian thinking and the christian religion.

What is the difference between our Church, the Light and Love Free Christian Church and other church in Hungary?
We try to summarize it sortly.

1. Our church follows the Free Christian religion, which means that we don’t make a difference between those
people, who are belong to another denomination.

2. We consider the original Bible as the basic of our religion, we believe in its value, without deformation and

3. The essence if the Free Christian religious life is the spiritual contact with God, and its promotion. There is
need for certain liturgical elements naturally, but these are not the essence of the religion, but it symbolizes
affirmation, the community building strength of the religion.

4. We are certainly terminating from those churches, which are place the businnes before the religion life, or
hiding of his business activity with the church.

5. We declare that the church has to cultivate its links with the society, has to help the people with it, that
let their everyday life lived more easily, with fewer troubles. Our church relates to believers with helping
intention and not believers, too. Edits aged ones, runs an educational program, somebody else makes a funereal,
baptismal service with more favourable conditions than other churches.

6. The Light and Love Free Christian Church is apolitical. It is separated from every acting, which are connects
the christian religion with political theories or political movements.

7. We aim for a good relation, a creating working relationship with the historical churches.

8. We confess that we have to strenghthen the Hungarian’s ethnic consciousness, and the faith of the Hungarian
nationalities’ truth. We believe in the fact that the Hungarian nationalities have a mission in a historical and
sacral sense, and it is necessary to accomplish the coordinating of this mission together, with all of the
nation’s members. We would like to intensify the Hungarian population’s cultural, literary-historical-artistic
knowledge in order to be allowed for everybody to recognise that: the more than a thousand years old history of
the hungarians growth the culture of mankind.

9. We reject all endeavour that prefers the substance to the ghost. People are thinker, feeling and believer
beings, their material relations merely serving their intellectual values.

10. The child is the nation’s and the humanity’s future, his pawn. We just believe in the fact that every man’s
duty because of this to take care of the children to the best of his knowledge, to provide environment like that,
in which one the child’s in body and soul-intellectual development happens on the most optimal manner.

11. We wish to apply our religious life, our teachings, our practice to the relations which can be experienced in
the 21. century extensively. We perceive the constant change as the natural state of the religious-intellectual
life. We wish to accomplish our believer’s ideas with the largest possible elasticity, but the with the respect of
the hierarchy at the same time.

12. A community can develop, be on higher level only if it ensures its members to plenitude their personalities.
The work is the integral part of this. We welcome everybody, who want to do a thing, or want to work in the name
of our Church. For example: social work, the popularisation of education, communication, healthy lifestyle, member
organization, material support, etc.

Our member number currently: 31.281

The aim of our religion is that to take care of our soul by the love of God and our fellow-men, noble our
feelings, and promt us to serve God and mankind. Accordint to my faith, the only way to raise the Hungarian nation
is the way of Saint Stephen’s legacy.

Together, to each other, for a better and happier life!

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